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iTrack™ is the unique and powerful industry solution for tracking and managing international distributors.


iTrack™ has features not found in other rights management systems and has been continuously evolved and polished in studios for over a decade. iTrack allows the Producer or Sales Agent to manage the distribution and releasing activity of its territory distributors. It supports the entire distribution process from Release Planning down to the final Ultimates and Cash on Cash Reporting. The iTrack Royalty Deal Definition and Calculation Workbench is the most complete integration of Licensing, Budgeting, Estimation, Distributor Reporting, and Ultimates Reporting available anywhere.


iTrack has unique features to allow you to customize Deal Structures, Royalty Calculation Methods, P&A Budget Structures, and special layouts to tailor Distributor Reporting to match the various styles of reporting being used by the major international distributors. Customizable analysis reports in Microsoft Excel allow you to create powerful management presentations of Budgets vs Actuals.


iTrack is a low cost add-on to the already affordable iRights Suite of Rights Management Software for Film/TV and Digital distribution.

iTrack System Features

  • Extended P&A Budget Entry and specialized comparative analysis reporting
  • International Box Office tracking
  • Distributor Reporting
  • TV/Video/VOD Distributor Sales and Approvals
  • Distributor Release Tracking and Integration of Release Events with Licensing and Payments
  • Distributor Deal Worksheet allows for the definition of royalty deal structures, provides for an integrated presentation of budgets, box office, detail estimates, and distributor reports to support the calculations for estimates, actuals, and ultimates
  • Estimates, Actuals, and Ultimates reporting
  • Cash on Cash reporting

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