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iTrack integrates with the iRights system to manage international distribution activity.

Below are some of the iTrack special features:

Management of Budgets

Customizable templates allow you to create a standard layout for P&A Budgets which include information such as projected admissions, prints and screens, and estimated box office, along with the detailed and summary levels of budgeting such as media and advertising, creative costs, publicity, promotions, print costs, and competitive release information. Multiple budget revision history records can be maintained. Microsoft Excel reporting generates a concise one page outline for executive review.

P&A Analysis Reporting

P&A Analysis allows for a detailed and graphical presentation of budget breakdowns compared to other releases in the same territory, or alternately to other titles in other territories. User may select multiple titles for comparative analysis. Graphical breakdowns in Microsoft Excel assist with the analysis process.

Box Office Tracking

The Box Office Tracking application maintains summary and detailed records of Box Office activity and video releasing. The summary presentation by title within territory includes opening and lifetime admissions and box office, weeks run, prints, screens, as well as the rental rate, print, and advertising costs which are interfaced from the corresponding P&A Budget. Detailed reporting by week includes weekly and day by day breakdowns of all activity. Tracking supports week by week reporting as well as cumulative reports. Currency values are recorded in local currency, reporting currency, and home currency with correct net accumulations based on weekly exchange rates. Ranks and net change % for week-to-week are tracked as well as the reporting source and comments on the weeks run.

License Activity Tracking

This application allows for a quick listing and update of distributor agreements by title with identification of last statement, overage status, pay and free TV sale status, and updates to release activity event dates (e.g. theatrical release, video release, first pay TV release, first free TV release, etc.). Event activity (both estimated and actual) feeds the iRights Events system to automatically coordinate license period and holdback dates as well as payment schedules.

Distributor Report Maintenance

The Distributor Report application is designed to record each period statement of distribution activity by a distributor. Special templates can be customized to allow the entry format of report details to match the layout as reported by the distributor. A top summary sheet for each distributor’s report includes the distributor, license agreement, title, reporting territory, reporting currency, and exchange rates as well as roll-ups of period and total share amounts. An approval status allows for review and final approval with lockdown or identification of issues. Presentations of the statement include “Report Details” - a complete detailed breakdown of reported gross, expenses, fees, and licensor share by right for period and total to date; and a “Report Summary” which presents a summary of gross, expenses, fees, and licensor share by right; and a “Distribution Report” which summarizes all reports for this title and distributor.

Distributor reports can be for a single territory or can be a combined report for multiple territories, each of which with their own local currency which rolls up to the combined reporting currency values.

Distribution Report

The Distribution Report allows for general reporting of all distributor report activity. Selections include title, licensee, territory, license no., and report date range. The report details distributor reports by gross revenue and expenses by right, and includes invoice and payment history. A variety of specially formatted Microsoft Excel reports are available, which include various breakdowns by distributor and by property.

Royalty Tracking Report

A Royalty Tracking Report outlines distributor reporting activity by title or distributor, highlighting the reporting status, by right, as well as the most recent report period and received date, and with theatrical and video release dates.

Distributor Deal Worksheet

The Distributor Deal Worksheet integrates the license royalty terms (i.e. Back End), with estimate breakdowns, P&A data, theatrical and video data, and the distributor statement to provide a comprehensive view of the distributors activity and reporting along with estimates, actuals, and ultimates projections for the title in the distributor’s territory.

The Distributor Deal Worksheet can ingest the definition of the back end terms from the license agreement, from a deal model, or from another deal worksheet. Back End royalty definitions support a variety of deal types by right such as Costs off Top, Costs off Bottom, Royalty, Distribution, Bonus, Gross Corridor, and Misc. Expense. The deal definition also supports conditional shift of licensor and distributor percentages by means of multiple recoupment tiers (e.g. MG, Costs, Costs & MG, etc.), periodic tiers (1st Year, 2nd Year, etc.), and bonus achievement tiers.

Separate back end calculations of licensor share are made from estimates and actuals, which allow comparative analysis. In addition, as distributor activity progresses, the actuals of gross and costs for each right can be flagged as final – allowing for updated ultimates projection reporting which combines final information with the estimates for rights still reporting.

Distributor Deal Reporting

Distributor Deal Reporting includes information such as release dates, report dates, MG’s, gross and costs by rights and calculations of licensor share and distributor net share amounts. Reporting selections include property, licensee, and territory with selectable reporting orders. Reporting can be based on estimated values, actual values, or ultimate projection values. Default costs for rights such as Video can be based on a percentage of gross revenue for that Right when not supplied in the report. Combination of MG Amount and Net Distributor Share allows for calculation of Cash on Cash ratios.

TV/VOD Sales Module

The TV/VOD Sales application supports the activity of tracking and approval of the distributors sub-licensing activity. The module can record title, territory, distributor, sub-distributor, media, and license fees, payment schedule and terms. The user can make comments and mark the sale as approved along with notes about the sale.

Outline of iTrack Modules

  • Box Office Setup (Grade)
  • Budget Setup Modules (Budget Type, Budget Line Type, Budget Category)
  • Budget Model Maintenance
  • P&A Report Setup
  • Distributor Report Setup Modules (Report Type, Report Line Type, Report Category, Reporting Group)
  • Distributor Report Model Maintenance
  • Distributor Deal Setup (Reporting Group Type, Reporting Category)
  • Distributor Sales Media
  • Budget Maintenance
  • Box Office Tracking
  • Distributor Report Maintenance
  • Distributor Deal Maintenance
  • TV/VOD Sales Maintenance
  • Distribution Report
  • P&A Analysis Report
  • Royalty Tracking Report
  • Distributor Deal Reporting
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