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iMarket is the newest addition to the iRights suite of applications.

iMarket was designed to be fast and easy to use at Film Markets to track offer activity, compare offers, and close deals.

iMarket integrates with iRights to allow selection of Price List items and to record offers made. It keeps track of the history of offers and amounts as they may change during market activity and allows for tracking of status of offers as they may be Closed (accepted), Withdrawn, Rejected, or still Open.

In addition to offered amounts, the system also tracks the deal terms, payment and licensing conditions and special considerations about rights and territories. If the customer is an existing licensee, the system can retrieve deal terms from prior deals and use them as the defaults for the offer.

The Offer System has reporting for open offers, closed offers, offer history from prior markets, a Producer Offer Report, and includes an Ask/Take Ultimate Report for each title to help sales management see an instant snapshot of current and projected sales for any title.

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