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iCash is the most comprehensive accounts receivable and cash management software for motion picture distribution.


iCash® has industry specific features not available in off-the-shelf accounting packages. iCash integrates with iRights® to generate invoices directly from licenses. It allows future dated invoices based on events (e.g. due on “Notice of Delivery”), permitting cash projections. It supports multiple currencies, multiple billing entities and multiple A/R accounts. iCash identifies and tracks invoices and receipts by revenue category (MGs, overages, material charges etc.), picture, territory, license and customer, as well as dependent events.


iCash adapts easily to your business. It integrates with the iRights event system to update due dates when events occur. Transactions can be synchronized to changing license terms without complex transaction trails. iCash reports are generated to Microsoft Excel® and invoices are created in Microsoft Word® from customizable templates. iCash is optimized for entertainment billing and collection activities. It has special features for materials billing to automate servicing operations.


iCash is more economical than accounting packages that cost more and do less. It has features specifically designed for the entertainment industry not found in the world’s most expensive accounting packages. An open database allows you to write your own reports in Excel®. Support includes all upgrade releases, training and remote on-line interactive help at your desktop.

iCash System Features

  • License and Title Gross to Net Tracking of Financial Activity
  • Transactions Maintained in Source, Deposit and Home Currencies
  • Banking System that feeds Cash Receipts and Banking Transactions
  • License Financial Posting and License Invoice Synchronization
  • Enhanced License Fee Schedule Definition with Recurring Payment Option
  • License Fee Invoicing
  • Journaling and Financial Interfaces
  • Specialized Bank Account Management

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